Techno Tuesday: Bassler Disconnect – “World”

Today we’re heading to Belarus! That’s a first for this blog. Very cool.
There we find Bassler Disconnect and his classy piece of deep/minimal techno: World.

It’s real hypnotic, this one. And that is of course the core goal for tracks from these neck of the techno woods. Build upon a lovely, bouncy bass loop that just keeps rolling and rolling and rolling and… Yeah. We’re there now.

It’s tracks like these that really, really makes me miss my DJing days. There’s few things feeling better than putting stuff like this on a massive PA and just drown into the track along with the crowd, just lose it.

This track here is perfect for such occasions.

This gem is obviously added to our “The Techno Club” Spotify playlist, where you can find it rolling along with other really good techno tracks. Well worth following!

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