Techno Tuesday: From light to dark

Time to enter the land of the slamming kick drums again. But also time for contrasts! Two tracks that are indeed slamming, although one being considerably lighter than the other.
And both being well worthy of our attention on a Techno Tuesday.

The Alexsander – “Hold Me”

It’s a rather interesting crossover track between deep house and techno, this. Don’t get me wrong, this is darker than many floors can ever handle. But still, that female voice does really brighten up the soundscape. Also, it’s a bit too melodic to really pull us down to the deepest techno hell. The filters are working overtime to give us a quirky, twirling ride.

And speaking of the deepest techno hellhole: Here’s Dyadic.

Dyadic – “Impulse”

Oh yes.
Industrial, threatening, sirens howling, dark matter bubbling under the surface as this mechanical animal are sprawling over us. This is one monster of a track.

And the drive! OMG, the drive. It rolls like a monster truck, slams like a beast. Oh man, I’ll never get too old for this.
THIS is techno for this old geezer!

Both of these tracks are found on our “The Techno Club” Spotify playlist, where you also find other groovy techno tracks. We gotta dig what we’ve collected there.
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