Tender Thursday: Ambient for the meditated minds

Never a week without ambient! The genre that sets out to meditate your mind. Here’s a double feature, two Americans at the wheel, two fine picks of the kind.

Lucid Structure – Tangents

A string of chords shapes the foundation for this quiet exploration of harmonics. Very airy, very space. Or subsea. And above all: Very, very calm.

There is a “classic” flair to this work. Thus it is no surprise to read that Lucid Structure grew up with and was heavily influenced by ambient musicians like Brian Eno, Harold Budd, and Vangelis.

Trova – Ayer Te Vi

Very different textures to be found in this creation. Shimmering details, more to explore. Dripping water? Ice? Gentle wind? Or shimmering magic? Your mind decides.

Trova is an american act we’ve written about before, and this is yet another fine work from this gentleman.

Both of these tracks are added to our “Ambient Space” playlist, our flagship playlist if any. It has attracted a good bunch of followers, and we hope with good reason. Join us in our journey to outer space!

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