Twice as smooth: Minimalistic and deep electronica

Here’s two tracks that takes us down. Down to the underground.

Nothing is done here to please the outsiders. The mainstream. This is music for the initiated. Those who are in the know. Like you and me.

Meti – Noir

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The first of these two hover around the borders between minimal house and minimal techno, with a focus on a floating organ filtered to a really hypnotic effect. Minimalistic as can be, and with no sharp edges.

This is trippy stuff. A good trip.

Byroot – Technokarriere

Byroot is a new techno project consisting of Lara Mutinous from Lebanon and the German Bennetto Stiletto. They met coincidentally in the city of Beirut (Lebanon) and decided to collaborate. Hence the name Byroot, which is also a wink to the roots of their sound.

They lead us firmly deep into the techno akres and raise the intensity bar, but still rolling in a smooth and minimalistic fashion. And when the meat of the track kicks in right before the 1:30 line, the groove is lifted up to pretty ecstatic heights. A groove that makes me want to describe it as “dark ambient”. A fantastic drive that would have made me go mental had I been served this at a club.

Ahhh… It’s good to be back into the deep underground again, where the sun never shines and nobody really cares – or knows – what time of day it is.

Byroot is not on Spotify yet, but Meti is added to our “It’s House Music“! A list with groovy house music worthy of more than one spin on your player. It’s already a great list, and will only improve as weeks go by: