USE – Face Matter: A matter of disappointment

So here’s this oddly fascinating project called USE back again! Those who we’ve followed with increased excitement over their first two releases.

Finally we got the first “real” track from them, a track that doesn’t sound like just an introduction. Exciting!

… But sadly I have to admit that I felt an element of disappointment when I discovered that this release were pretty much just a standard mainstream downtempo pop thing. I mean – at least they surprised again, but… Well, I kinda expected something a bit more off.

But if we listen to the track for what it is and ignore the hype proceeding it, it actually is a quite cute track:

Far too short, though. And please allow me to spend a minute on that:

What is up with all these ultra-short durations on so many releases nowadays? Just to trigger more stream playbacks? I mean… That’s just sad, if so. Music should be an art form, it’s not just a consumer product for statistics and stream revenues!

I’m not accusing this or any other particular release for having such motifs behind it – I have nothing to back such a claim – I just find it so plain straight up odd and wonder if it may have non-artistic reasons.

Anyway, back to topic:

The vocalist, Krystall Schott, is as beautiful as her voice: A fragile but strong and modern voice, and totally carries this otherwise quite plain production to the finishing line. However, when the track fades out we really should be given a progression instead!

So USE took a surprising turn this time. Maybe (possibly) away from us, however I would not be surprised if they with this turn towards a bigger audience than what they might have appealed to had they continued in the direction I expected.

And we do wish USE all the luck on their travels head, with or without us!

ADDENDUM: After I wrote the above I also took a listen to their other track on this single release, “Two Way Mirror”. That track has a bit more interesting arrangement and also of proper length. So all hope is not lost, friends.

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