Weekend kickoff: Two techno tracks that should lift the roof

Two seriously rolling techno tracks that should get you going on a Friday night. Or any other night. In fact: If this doesn’t get you going, you’re dead. Dead, I say.

On Fleek & AMES – Rekka

The slicing of the vocal samples in the latter half of the track is what forced me up from the chair when I listened through the submissions. Ah man. I love sliced loops like that. It just never gets old on me.

To be honest I think this track should have a shorter introduction until this segment kicks in around two minutes into the track, and push that part further instead. Cause once it do kick in, it just lifts the entire track up to a new level. If I were playing this track live I’d cue it at around 1.5 minutes and loop the shit out of the latter half.

Either way, a really cool track it is.

Henri Bergmann – Interference

The second track of today might be slightly less accessible (although still easily digestible by the avid Beatradar reader), but once it gets under your skin…

I am tempted at calling this “dark tribal” due to the tribalistic percussion that so totally makes this track into what it is. And man, how it rolls. Oh dear me. If you didn’t take any drugs prior to this one being spun on the floor, you sure feel like you did so by the end of the track. This is aural drugs. The best there is.

It’s not like it lifts you up, though. This is dark matter. Push you down into a gritty sea of smelly goo. But perfectly tempered goo. And good for your skin.

More. I want more of this, Henri. You know where to find me.

Both of these tracks are added to our pretty splendid Spotify techno playlist, “The Techno Club“. A list you should just as well hit “follow” on right away. It’s already awesome and will only get better.

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