A calm Sunday: Double downbeat

Down-tempo electronica seem to be very hard to make: I don’t think there’s a genre where I decline more tracks than here. Most of them are just the standard fare with long pads, a solo piano, classic beat loop, all that jazz. Stuff we’ve heard a million times before. Elevator music.

But I’ve found these to be a bit different:

Eclektic – Endless Forms

This one is pure harmony – but with personality. Lovely little details in the soundscape. An exquisite bass-line rolls calmly in the background.

Each little layer of the track just blends SO well together. And when it lands towards the end it happens so calm too – so controlled, so well arranged.

This is a really good track, no matter how you twist and turn it.

Otherwise Fine – Loneliness Is Underrated

My second track for today is quite different. Otherwise Fine is a Canadian act, and the opening with the slightly untuned piano immediately awoke my curiosity. Can this really hold together for the whole song? But it did, and with good margin too.

I’ll admit right away that the “oh” sample got slightly on my nerve. It’s used a bit too much. But other than that, this is a fine piece of laidback electronica, a creation that leaves the impression of having told a story.

So sit back and enjoy these two fine selections – and add them to your playlists. They deserve that.

Both of these tracks are added to our “The Deep Lounge“, the Spotify playlist with really some of the very best down-tempo, deep and legit electronica. Follow it today and watch it grow every week!