Double Dance Friday: Time to bounce again

A contrasting two tracks selected to kick off our weekend this Friday: One from an old-timer on the dance music scene, the other from a new star on the clubbing sky.

Benny Benassi & Chris Nasty – Inside

Yeah! Good ole’ Benny, no less. He doesn’t really strife far outside of the sound we know him so well for, but he doesn’t need to. He has nothing left to prove. Here he delivers a dance floor bouncer so solid, so effective, so… Benassi.

One thing I’ve always been kind of amazed about when it comes to Benny, is that he somehow manage to balance on the edge of mainstream and underground. He has one foot in each camp, and stands steady on those. I mean, this track works just as well on a cheesy “happy hour” fun pub around the Mediterranean sea, as it would have worked in a really dark, bass heavy high-cred underground club in Berlin.

Mila Journée – Segundo Sol

The next track pulls us firmly into the underground. Considerately deeper than Benny’s, and percussion based. Not many hints of melodies found here – instead we get a tribal atmosphere that triggers the basic instincts of any good clubber.

I could have stayed in a basement with these kind of tracks for hours. Maybe days. Just get lost, in absolutely every meaning of the term.

I don’t know if you agree with me, but music as dark and ritualistic as this has a flair of that stereotypical masculinity to it – the cave man. So I always think it is so cool to be able to tell that it’s an awesome woman behind the creation. Like this time:

Mila comes from Brazil, and this track is no exception to the sound found in her catalogue. It’s typically percussion focused, properly dark and deep. Absolutely worth checking out if you like the track selected for you here today.

I think I might have fallen a little bit in love here.

Benny entered our rather new “House For Clubbers” playlist, while we placed Mila on our darker “Progressive Underground“, a list that’s really shaping up to be a really solid selection of tracks now.
You’ll find both lists, and more, at our
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