Double Deep: A Weekend kickoff

Let’s kick off the weekend with two tracks with different personalities, but both offer a deep, hypnotic groove to loose ourselves into:

Peitzke, Jack Roy – Funky Feelin’

Lovely groove on this one. Rock solid bass line, and excellent use of vocal samples. Not too much, just supporting the groove. Well laid out with a cool buildup to full groove mania. Ah man, this track will so totally SHAKE the floors.

And really, you should check out the rest of Jack Roys catalogue on Spotify while you’re at it. He know what a groove is, that’s for too damn sure. Head over and get it confirmed.

Fair Play – Pelican

Time to dive deeper. One for the underground clubbers. This track offer a different atmosphere. More introvert.

But steady building. And when the acidic synth sneaks into the landscape, the picture is complete. And yeah – this is a picture I want on my wall. Love it.

So, depending on your personality I suspect you’ll at least dig one of the above two. Take’em with you this weekend!

PS: Once you got the steam up with these two tracks, I got more for you to top it off!

We added both of these tracks to our newly created “It’s House Music!” playlist. It’s starting to reach a solid length now and is really quite groovy so if you like the tracks selected here go follow it today and find more of that same house groove!