Double Deep: Déjà vu on the dance floor

Let’s get back to the dance floor, shall we? Here’s two house tracks that really provide you with the groove you need. This is proper material.

And with one thing in common: There’s elements in both that takes us back to club hits of yesteryear.

Right-O & Chapter One – Every Little Thing

Wonderful groove in this one. One sexy mother. The main hook is funky as can be. This is good material for the dance floors. But wait a second, isn’t that the bass from… Mr Oizo’s legendary 1999 clubhit Flat Beat? And those vocals… I can’t put my finger on it but I swear I’ve heard those before?

Either way, this deep house track has what it takes. A fantastic electro drive. Worthy of most house playlists out there!

DEEB’SE – Burning

I’ll take you a bit deeper with the next track. Proper deep house. Some classic samples and sounds to be found in here for those of us who’s been around for a while. With a more sublime, but rock steady groove. This track will build momentum in any DJ set.

There’s just something with producers that doesn’t go out of their good skin to grab our attention that I so totally like. I think that’s why I love deep house so much. They trust their groove, as I so many times in the past have said. Confidence. As here. And with every good reason in the world.

I had to add these two to my Spotify playlist “It’s House Music!“, where the groovy, funky and deep house tracks are collected.
Check it out whenever you need your groove on!

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