Double Deep: Stringy house tracks

Here’s a cool, deep bundle I’ve not done before: Two deep house tracks that features excellent guitar performances!

Au Privave – Tropezina Beach

The first track has a bass guitar play that totally stands out – and quite frankly I don’t think I’ve heard this done in a deep house track before. And that’s almost too fantastic to be true, since a slappy bass play like this is really quite perfect for deep house.

What’s cool here is that the whole mix revolves around the bass play. When was the last time you heard bass as the lead instrument?
The result is a house track that reeks class. Sheer, elegant, timeless class.

The filtered vocal samples are just spice until the bass again takes over the center stage. I so totally dig this.

Valkola – Adam’s Ale

Lovely soundscape in this one. Snappy, crystal clear, with a lovely beat and house organ in the background.

Then, after around a minute, the guitarist is given the spotlight. Plucky, groovy, looped like a disco house track only in a deep house setting. The result: Another house production with elegance. And the groove is ever so prominent. Damn, this track is just too good!

I can’t really make up my mind if this is a baritone guitar or a bass playing on the lightest string – either way, it’s stylish as can be – in a very deep house fashion.

Actually, these two tracks inspired me to use more guitar in my own house productions. I mean – evidently it works!

Amazingly, none of these two have a Spotify presence at all yet. So we can’t add them to any of our Spotify playlists. Unfortunately!