Double Melodic: Two melodies to seduce them all

Today I’ve bundled two really elegant, and above all very melodic down-tempo creations for you in this Double Melodic feature. Two tracks that features a very simple, yet seductively catchy hook.

Yeti Timbres – Lucid Dreams

A kind of an oddball, this one. At the heart is a very harmonic and calm melody. Guitar like synth rolling the notes with elegance – only regularly stumbling and slipping on glitchy surfaces. Quite cool, I think!
Adds a breath of life into a track that otherwise perhaps might have been a bit boring. As it is now I can’t help but smile at the glitches.

So playful. A cool production!

Wheel – Angular

Lovely melody in this one. That’s the first that struck me. And a fantastic arrangement: Not more than what is needed to carry the melody, just right.

And this is something budding producers really should take note of: To not bloat your tracks with too many layers. I receive so many submissions with great potential, but there’s just too much going on at the same time.
Here everything rolls in one big motion. Everything belongs to each other.
Lovely vocals on top. Again: Not too much, not too long.

And that melody. So simple, so effective, so… Perfect.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections” where all our selections are featured.
But we also added these two gems to a playlist we’re beginning to be very proud of now: The Deep Lounge. There they sit along with a bunch of smooth, elegant electronica of the highest order.

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