Floating breaks: INØXIA – Nefelibata

Disclaimer: This track is released on our label

When I first discovered this track, I were almost mesmerised by it. There’s just something about the combination of the lonely voice, excellent processed, and the soaring synth pads that just made me want the track to last forever.

And he were only on Soundcloud:

So I had to ask the artist, INØXIA, if he wanted to sign his tracks for our label Beatradar and let us provide a wider distribution. He accepted, and here we are!

For me this is a perfect blend of chillout atmosphere and groovy breaks/garage. It’s the whole package: From the sparkling lowfi noise to the massive pads, the rumbling bass, but above all the vocals who fits so perfectly into the scene. It makes me curious as to who this is, what the story is. It’s also very well mixed. Nothing distracts, it all just glides into our head like cream, swirls around, and gently leaves us again.

So we hope to support this artist for many more releases to come. Got a good playlist for him? You know what to do!

This track fits well into our “The Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect all the classy, groovy, laid-back beats as we find them.
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