Neon Insect

Industrial electronica: The other underground

This time I want to take you outside. Outside the scope of this blog. To visit an electronica artist with an exciting discography.

Although… It’s not that far outside our scope, considering we set out to cover the underground electronica. It’s still electronica, and it’s still underground. Only a different one. A darker one.

Neon Insect: Fist, Hit, Cracking Bones

Marilyn Manson. That’s the first though that ran through my head when listening to this track for the first time. A more electrified version of the great man and band.

It slams hard and proper. Definitely industrial. And the music geek in me can’t avoid to point out that it is so very well mixed. Wonderful energy level. Fantastic drive.

I mean, this is cool, right? Maybe not on our underground dance floor, but let’s not restrict ourselves too much. This track here is pretty well worth our time.

If we raise our focus up from this particular track it’s also worth noting that this artist really has an impressive catalogue. Some fantastically atmospheric dark ambient and slamming instrumentals, typically in a very cinematic wrapping.

Have a listen:

Chances are this may be a bit on the side of what many of our regular listeners usually play. Myself included. But seriously, check this guy out. He’s got some really cool material.