Time to rumble: Kotek – Communication

I dunno, do they call this “glitch” today? For me, it’s just a variant of breakbeat. Breaks evolved. And I really love every minute of it.

And I really like tracks that takes their time to really get started. It’s something about the Spotify-everysecondcounts-instant-gratification trend that seems to be these days, with tracks hardly stretching past the two minute mark and jumps right in to the meat of the track… Where’s the fun in that?

Here we have one minute running before even a hint of percussion is heard. And we’ve passed a couple of cool twists tot he arangement already. Great!

And how about that heavy, rumbling, insisting bass? And the playful percussive arrangements. Not to mention the MASSIVE breakdown right after three minutes, where the bass just totally are forced down on the knees. Ah yeah.

Good stuff!

We don’t really have a themed playlist where this track fits right in, unfortunately. I should make a breaks themed list someday soon. It must happen. I just really wanted to show you all this track!

But as always it’s of course added to our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, where all our selections are collected as we find them!