Double Synth Session: A magic carpet ride

Sometimes I just wanna hear a good synth instrumental. Sure, yeah, I dig the underground kind of tracks. The dark and gritty, more percussion than melody focused, repetitious, hypnotic tracks.

But there are moments when I look for the exact opposite. When I need the exact opposite. And then it’s nice to have artists like these two around, to provide us with a piece of quality old-school synth instrumentals in the footsteps of giants like Jean-Michel Jarre and Kitaro.

Surya Kris Peters – Ragamati

A classic sounding lead synth takes us on a travel through exotic landscapes, in one gorgeous continuous jam. And the way he plays this lead, I don’t know about you but it totally takes me to Jarre-land. And I’ve missed that.

Not to say this is a copy-cat. Absolutely not. But he belongs to a kind of sound that really is quite rare – always was, and still is. The bag where we also place the mentioned Jarre.

And the lead makes me think this is a semi-improvised session. If it’s not then please don’t break my illusion. I see a guy totally lost in this melody, riding it on his analogue synth.

Jeremy Estes – Clockwork Bound

The next piece is maybe a bit more western sounding, maybe a bit more modern production techniques are used too – but it’s equally gorgeous.

Piano, guitar, and synth leads are taking turns in this composition, contributing to an utterly harmonic and soothing experience. Just beautiful.

So: I’ll return to my own grumpy and dark self tomorrow – today I just want to have these two on repeat and take a magic carpet ride across synthetic harmonies.

These tracks totally belongs to a dedicated chill-out playlist. But we don’t have that one set up for public consumption just yet, so in the meantime you’ll find them on our excellent list “The Deep Lounge“, where quality electronica of the deeper and calmer kind are gathered.

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