Prime Time Power: Let these bang you!

Ok, so those two deep house tracks got you started? Then let’s fire up THESE two babies, who are primed for peak hour!

Vanepatch – Fondness

Dangerously close to trance, this. And I can’t stand trance. But it just barely manage to stay on the right side of my trance border, enough for me to admit that – yes – this sucker moves my behind.

It is of a “cleaner” sound (yeah yeah, “trance”. STFU.) than what typically triggers me, but there’s just something about this track. It has obvious progressive house elements in the arrangement, maybe it’s that.
Whatever – this is good stuff.

But ok, this melodic trip makes us all sweaty and ready for this next banger of a bastard:

Brandon Hombre – Dark & Funky

Oh yes. Oooooh yes. This, right here, now this is how I like it.
Dark, filthy, gritty, bad to the bone. It does not give one single fuck. All it want is to slam, and slam hard. The bass used here is of a kind we’ve heard before, but those snappy bass stabs are just something I’ll never grow tired of. It’s so effective! So… MAD sexy.

To be honest, the break is a bit too long here. It almost gets a bit cheesy. But damn, once it starts again we forgive it all that. And go mental. As we should.
As it sets out to do.

“Fondness” is added* to our newly created “Ibiza House Factory” playlist – a list without any followers yet. And that’s just not right since the tracks we’ve gathered there is totally blasting the roof out of any club:

* “Dark & Funky” was unfortunately not on Spotify at the time of writing.