Saturday Summit: These tracks will move your night

It’s Saturday!
Here are two happy house tracks tailor made for Saturdays. Upbeat, groovy, begging for dance-floor treatment.

Per Nord – House is my religion

Really ultra-classic house track. I mean, this track here can work as a symbol of what house music always have been about. Borderline cliche, the entire thing. Even the vocals, talking about “house music”. The only thing missing is a sample of that fanatic american preacher that were sampled like crazy back in the 90s. 😀

But damn, it’s great to hear stuff like this again! And music like this so totally belongs to a Saturday night.

EAUXMAR & Mos Aisley – DOTS

This is one tight mother of a track.
Funky keyboard? Check. Hard hitting bass? Check. Looped vocals? Check. Disco feel? Check.
Yeah this is Saturday Night House Music. It just grooves like crazy, and bang it’s over. Just like that. Solid deliverance, no bullshit.

I can dig that.

Both of these tracks are added to our newly created “House For Clubbers” playlist. It has no followers yet – and I think you should help us with doing something about that. It’s groovy!
So turn it on right now, and pump it up. After all, it’s only Saturday one day a week!