Sicarius Hahni - Basquiat

Sicarius Hahni – Basquiat: Introvert percussion goodness

For the first time I’ll do a review of a full EP, and not just a single track. And the reason is that I’ve come across a release that in my ears really fully comes to shine when listened in full.

It is the works of a quite unique artist, one that really deserves your attention:

Sicarius Hahni – Basquiat

It starts off with one of my favourite tracks of the EP, Quasi Tardi. Dark dungeon atmosphere, munks chanting in the distance, tribal percussion taking center stage. It evolves slowly, in proper progressive house fashion.

But what is this? What do we label it? “Dark tribal house”? Or something completely different?
We should not care. We should just enjoy. In my head there’s Matrix like scenes spinning, the party before the annihilation. Love it.

The next track, Pelle 3, continues in a similar fashion to the first, but now we’re on the move. Drone-like pads running in the background, giving it a feling of being chased. By whom? We don’t know. But we need to get moving.

Again we get the fantastically hynotic percussion carrying the track, with a progression that rise the sensation of emergency.

The third track is the title track, and offer a quite different mood. This is a lighter piece, maybe more accessible than the first two? It’s also more electronic, moving avway from the tribalistic atmosphere of the first two tracks. But still, percussion plays an important role also in this track.

And here’s an interesting personal observation: Individually speaking I probably would rate this track as the least interesting of the ones on the EP. However, as the third track it is a very welcome break from the established atmosphere from the first two. It just blends so well into the mix!

We’re back into the deep again now. And this is my second favourite on this release. Gorgous drive. This is a track I could totally spin in a progressive house session. Pitch it up a very few BPMs and we’re there. It would wind up the crowd like few others.

Sicarius Hahni

What is it about Sicarius Hahni that so totally got my attention? Could it be my long lost love for Tribal House that is so sorely missed? Or simply that he has that fundamental understanding of groove. He never needs to shout, never needs to go all cheese on our asses with whirling snares and nonsense to wind us up. He just delivers, trust his percussion sense, and does it so, so well.

Mr Hahni is probably our greatest discovery here on Beatradar thus far this year. This is quality stuff that can be replayed over and over. You should follow this artist. Great things will surely follow.

The full EP is on Spotify and everywhere else music is streamed:

I had to add two of these tracks to our exquisite playlist, “The Deep Lounge” where some fantastic tracks from the classy, deeper regions of the house landscape are collected. You really should join us and follow it too. Like, now.