Silent Sunday: A session of slowly evolving pads

Oh yes. Silent Sunday. One of my favourite days. The day where we can let beats sail their own seas, and instead direct our attention upwards, Beyond the skies, to the vast emptiness of space.

Time for an ambient double feature, and I’ve found two pieces we can categorise as “old-school ambient”. These carry the heritage of Brian Eno & co with pride. And rightfully so.

Rahikka – Black River II

Hollow sounds makes up this peaceful creation of nearly nine minutes. Crystal clear, but never sharp. There’s a constant movement here, but no sudden moves. Like an organic glass creature in hibernation at the center of her deep, subterranian cave.

Rahikka is an artist based in Washington (USA). Rahikka’s work is, in hi sown words, “inspired by abstract expressionism through imagined atmospheres, amorphous planes, and subconscious escape”.

And this is one fine escape.

Justin Robinson – Eden Generator (Second Garden)

This is another American composer of ambient landscapes, mr Justin Robinson. It seems that ambient is a big genre in the US. At least judging from the submissions we receive.

Here’s a track that in my opinion goes well with the above. It’s bright sounding in the same way, and utterly peaceful. Harmonic. And at least for my imagination, it welcomes me to set out and explore the vast space.

A gorgeous piece it is. And as part of a longer playlist of equally calm and quiet pieces, it really shines like the diamond it is.

Both of these tracks are obvious additions to our popular “Ambient Universe” playlist, a list that more than 1.300 ambient fans turn to weekly to get their dose of pure zen.
As for me personally, I enjoy it on “shuffle” every evening when I go to bed.
Follow the list and explore your inner universe with us!