Silent Sunday: Exportion, “525°”

Another Silent Sunday, another moment where we treasure the wonderfully quiet branch of the glorious electronica tree: Ambient.
Here’s a track from Japan with a very unique atmosphere.

Exportion, “525°”

The basis of this track is wonderfully simple. A bell-like synth enters a loop and remains there. First in front, slowly gliding deeper into the picture. Like a canvas, later to be painted with twisted colours of ambience recordings.

And that is when the track really starts to shine. Sounds of humans, but location is unclear. All while the canvas, the same four chords rolls in the background. over and over.

Exportion was formed in 2008 by videographer painter Yuki Izumi and musicographer Takahisa Hirao. Together, they take a dual, audio-video approach through recordings and live performances that incorporate environmental sounds, instrumental music, electronica and human voice as well as various painting mediums, photography and video.

And they’ve made an absolutely stunning video. Check it out:

This is hypnotic ambient. This is music worthy of a Silent Sunday.

It’s a little bit on the side of the theme of our ambient playlist, but I have to still add it to our list, and see how well it blends in.

Because, I take the curation of this list seriously.We are proud of that list. It has become a hub for those who enjoy ambient travels across the universe.

Follow it today if you too want a one-stop source for ambient goodness!