Sleepy Sunday: Triple Treat!

Another Sleepy Sunday – another session of ambient calmness. This time I’ve got not just the regular two, but three really good ones in store for you.

Martina Bertoni – The Broken Life Of Mushrooms

Bertoni (Berlin, Germany) has a really interesting background: She is a cellist. Classically trained, she skipped classic music to explore different territories of ambient, improvisation, experimental and electronic music.

And the recording of a real chello adds a gorgeous layer of acoustic realism to the mechanical drones sprawling through the landscape in this piece. Leaving the impression on the listener that they just witnessed something unique.

There is unfortunately a use of side-chained compression(?) in this track that distracts me quite a bit, adds a rhythmic wobbliness to the background that I don’t see the purpose of. But the creativity and unique, utterly detailed soundscape more than makes up for it.

Mads Kinnerup – Parademons

We’re back in the fully electronic world in the next track, from the Danish artist Mads Kinnerup. Crafted using only a modular synthesizer, this simple yet complex tool from before the dawn of the microchip made it possible for Kinnerup to work “undisturbed from computer screens, software bugs and SoMe notifications”.

And the result speaks for itself. Very few layers of sound ensure a clarity, an openness to the composition leaving room for us to freely move and explore this ambient landscape.


Christopher Willits – Pacific 1

For our last piece of ambient from me this Sunday we need to head across the big sea to the US of A, where Christopher Willits presents his latest release with simple instructions: “Begin the music 15 minutes before the sun sets.”

His piece embrace and utilise the entire stereo field with layers upon layers of slowly evolving pads, gliding past us like tidal waves. Back, forth. Back, forth. Hypnotic.
Massive, but never overwhelming.

Safe travels.

All of these tracks are added to our fantastic Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe“, where we collect the very best ambient compositions of today. A list with no beats, no sharp sounds, no high energy – and that’s guaranteed. Only tracks that carries us to a quiet exploration of space. The universe within you, or around you. Seek out strange new worlds.