A curious case of introvert creativity

Here’s a lovely little piece of music that captivated my attention from the very first moment. It’s quiet, introvert, vulnerable… And unique.

Peaks – Ghost

A delicate construction“. That’s how I’d summarise this track in three words. But of course, one need more than three of them to do such a track justice.

Lovely soundscape. Not too many layers, every detail counts. And, of course, a vocal performance that blends so perfectly into the piece.
A piece that consist primarely of shades of grey. There is a solitude present in this track that is both so melancholic and beautiful in equal amounts.

Reading from the press release, Peaks AKA Matthew Greiner began his introspective journey into electronic music at the age of 16.
With no formal training and no idea how to pursue a career in electronic music he abandoned it, and moved to Southern California where he studied to become a filmmaker. In 2015, he moved to New York City and eventually found himself enthralled in recording music once more. Good for us.

This track is featured on the EP, ‘The Infrageist’, released today!

You will find this track along with all other selections we do on our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections”!

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