A progressive monster: The walls are rumbling!

To quote my own note while browsing submissions to this blog: “Oh shiiit – where has this track been all my life?“.
Seriously. This is a progressive house track primed for peak hours!

Jizaxx – Bellazonte (Beni & Mussa Remix)

Oh yes. This is dark, deep and damn stomping progressive house with a gorgeous flair of tribal percussion. It’s a monster! The groove is so prominent in this one, so rumbling, that it sounds like the walls are shaking. And believe you me they would be, had I played this one at a proper club!

Shortly into the track a quite curious bell synth lights up the darkness with a sweet, innocent melody line that quite frankly I do think that the track would have survived well without, at least it could be of shorter segments. But god damn how it slams when it drops back into the darkness.

This, my friends, THIS is progressive house the way I like it!

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