Clubbers: Unite. This one’s for you!

First rule of thumb when it comes to club music is: A rock solid bass line. And that’s what drives this entire track. So solid, so massive, it will move crowds.

This is just so classic club music, I can’t help but smile while flashbacks of happy moments in tight clubs carousels around in my head.

Green Tree – One Hundred

Can it get any more clubby than this? It just checks all the right boxes, got enough air to sound clean and snappy even in the most horrible of accoustic situations, this tight motherfucker will make any PA shine. It’s built to be played LOUD.

Danny Groenenboom is a dj/producer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. After touring the world as part of the duo Dirtcaps for almost a decade and playing key festivals such as Tomorrowland, Tomorrowworld, Defqon.1, Mysteryland, Looptopia, Parookaville and Sensation White he’s decided it’s time to spread his wings and start a new solo adventure as Green Tree.

And if this bouncy little house track doesn’t move your crowd, you got the wrong crowd.
End of story.

We added this track to our fantastic, yet tragically overlooked gem of a playlist, “House For Clubbers“. It deserves to be played at pretty much any pre-party out there!

So follow it today, add it to your library and become the hero at the next party!