Deep House Divin’: This is why we like it deep

Few genres are more classy than deep house. There’s just something about the clean, minimalistic style, the groove that is so controlled and restrained. Here’s a remix by Intro_P who demonstrates all that.

Chocolate Mtn. – Chocolate Mountain

Lovely progression in this track. But the track itself also glance across the border to progressive house, in my opinion. As quite often deep house do.

I don’t know the original that is remixed here so I have no idea as to what extent Intro_P has done any massive changes or just polished it further.
All I know is that this is one elegant and properly deep, yet melodic house track that deserves to be added to relevant playlists!

This track is added to our quite gorgeous “Deep Lounge” playlist, where we collect the deep grooves and elegant beats, suitable for a quality lounge session. The list has become pretty damn good if we are to say so ourselves, and we really urge all to add it to your library!

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