Double Dance: Summer house beats!

Here’s two great house tracks that should whip up any crowd worth playing for.

Massimo Voci – Everybody in the Club Crying

The sample used here – I don’t know why but I find it so hilarious. “Everybody in the Club Crying”… Wtf?!
But the track itself is nothing to cry about – this is disco house for the clubs! It establish a happy, bright atmosphere that I’d so totally play on an outdoor event in the middle of summer.

It has a timeless, classic club track feel to it. Very Italian. And it won’t run out of date anytime soon.

Jaz Byers – Feel it

The next track goes deeper. It’s probably after sunset at our imaginative club, and we head inside. There the party continues, and we’ve already grooved up by the happy beats served outdoor.

Again, this is a track with a rather timeless club sound. If you played this one I would not be able to tell for sure if this was a track released today, or fifteen years ago. Lovely, repetitious groove that swirls and builds momentum. Begs to be mixed in a set.

I want to just get out there, get behind some decks and play these. Now.
You should too!

I’ve added both of these to our “It’s House Music!” playlist. A list filled to the brim with groovy house tracks. Follow it today and join our party!