Double Downtempo: Lo-fi moments of harmony

Here’s two tracks with the piano as the main instrument, interesting arrangements and served in a perfectly tempered lo-fi wrapping. This is chillout/downtempo we can like here at the ‘radar.

Bokki – Bases

For reasons unclear to me this track reminds me of something Prince could have made back in the eighties. Released on a b-side or something. I think it’s the arrangement, the quite oldschool delays and the way the guitar and piano is played.
Very interesting sound on the piano, by the way! With the old/worn/un-tuned timbre. Very atmospheric, works perfectly here.

The soundscape is also elegantly filled with details along the way, curious little abstract loops and effects.

It’s a bit on the short side, this one. That’s unfortunate. But what we do receive is a gorgous two minutes draped in lofi aestetics. And are left with an urge to hear more from this artist.

Prospect Lux – STRRD

Lovely piano play here as well. Maybe particularly so. And with a similar lo-fi beat rolling effortlessly across the track. Prospect Lux tells us that Moby is one of his inspirations, and one can understand so. You got a great mentor there, Lux. 🙂

Two tracks that really fits our bill of what good, downtempo electronica can sound like.

Both of these tracks are now found on our fantastic Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“. A list well worth adding to your library. New tracks added weekly!

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