Electro-glitch FTW: Pump THIS mother up!

Here’s a glitchy track so gorgeous and danceable that I can’t help but pump the volume up to the pain threshold. Seriously, the neighbours around me must think I’ve gone mental.

SHSTR – Life of a Machine

… And I have. This shit here is the shit. Blatantly stomping, bashfully groovy. An electro-glitch banger that slams so good. So good.

I’m not even going to try and write a review of this one. If I tried, I would probably say something like that it shouldn’t repeat itself as much, it should glitch out the repetition into something a bit different. Keep surprising. And so forth.

But screw that. Today I’m just letting the fanboy out in me and proudly step up on the soap box to shout:

Pump this mother up and I dare you: Try not to bop your head!

You find this track on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist along with all our other selections. In addition we also added it to our “It’s House Music!” playlist, where the funky and deep grooves are found!