In My House: Triple House feature

Three house tracks with vocals as a driving component, each in their own ways offering something quite unique and above all really solid house grooves.

Sam Goku – Odd Speech

I start off this troika with a lovely, deep track. Let’s not beat around the bush here: This is a track to trip on. Hypnotic!

I particularly like the organ-like loop that rolls in the background. And that voice, what language is it? We are in Asia somewhere, right?
Top quality electronica.

Matveï – Distance feat Alyss

The next track is fundamentally different. This begs to be danced to. It’s the way vocals are used here that made me pick this one up. I mean, I don’t like melodic, vocal based tracks at all. Yuck. So it’s really an achievement to have me select a track like this. But this one here – it works. Happy vocal based house music where I particularly love the glitchy way the chorus is arranged.
Very cool. And damn groovy.

My Friend – 35 Degrees No Breeze

I round off this trio with this beauty from the borderlands between disco and deep house.

In my ears it dangles dangerously close to the mainstream flytrap, barely manages to dodge it, but does so after all, especially thanks to being gloriously free of cheesy breakdowns and buildups, it just keeps pushing and – like I’ve pointed out so many times – the track trust its groove. It doesn’t feel the need to hype it.

I love that.

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