Silent Sunday: A collaborative moment of zen

Today we tread on collaborative grounds, and once again get confirmed that a classic piano is very well suited for ambient productions.
Is there a more versatile instrument on the face of this planet?

Lauge, Matt Tondut – Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds is a collaborative track between Ambient artist Lauge and Neo-classical/electronic producer Matt Tondut. And this combination is very clear in this piece – and a blend that I would call near perfect.

My only complaint is the duration. Three minutes for an ambient track is quite short, and especially with a track like this, where there is a constant evolution rather than a static image being drawn, it’s over a bit too soon.

Then again, feeling something should last longer is of course a good indicator of the quality of a production. And the production qualities of this track really is something that calls for a repeated playback.

So there you have it, yet another excellent ambient release discovered on a Silent Sunday!

This track is added to our Spotify ambient playlist “Ambient Universe”, where we merge ambient of several sub-directions, from classic ambient to dark and drone into one, ultra-low energy level seance of magnificent moments.

We are really proud of this list, and also thankful for the great following it has achieved. Add the list to your library too, and join us in our space explorations! No sharp movements found – and that’s a guarantee.