Silent Sunday: A cyberpunk scenario?

For this Silent Sunday I picked an ambient piece that takes you to a gritty, retro-futuristic landscape. Safe travels.

Non-Functional Harmony – A-1

It’s a rather dark piece, this. I particularly like the background details periodically embedded here. Sounds like something twisted, mechanical going in and out of focus.

Gets my imagination going for sure. Admittedly, as a cyberpunk fan it doesn’t take much for me to get associations with gritty, futuristic scenarios but I really do think it is to be heard here.

Too bad this track is too short (for an ambient piece). It could – and in my opinion should – last twice this length.

Non-Functional Harmony is a Berlin-based producer/composer. He says he is embarking on a series of 26 one-off releases of music that doesn’t quite into his other boxes, and most will be ambient or techno of some form (sounds remarkably relevant for us, right?). This is the first release in that series.

Sounds to be an artist to keep a tab on the coming weeks!

This track is added to our fantastic ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe”. A list that grows every week, always featuring our latest coverage on Silent Sundays.

Needless to say(?) it should be in the Spotify library of every ambient fan.