Sleepy Sunday: A pure, untainted beauty

Ambient can – like most genres – convey a lot of different emotions. Ambient maybe particularly so, since it’s pretty much the entire focus of a piece. It can be lonely, sad, depressing, scary, optimistic, curious, strange, unnerving… And sometimes just plain beautiful. Safe havens. Not a worry in the world.

Here’s one of those latter ones.

Haruhisa Tanaka – 1110

We head to Japan for this one. An exploration in peaceful harmonies. Like a silent pond reflecting the colours of the surroundings. It’s just there, quiet, and we pass it while carefully avoid threading the waters and break the harmony.

It’s a very simple, tender construction, this track. It just carefully enter our conciousness, stays for a few minutes, and then slowly leaves us again. No real progress to speak of, no changes during these six minutes, just carefully holding this moment up for us to adore peacefully.


This track is a very natural addendum to our ambient playlist “Ambient Universe“, who holds several tracks of comparable peace of mind. If you like this track you’re gonna love our playlist. Add it to your library today!

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