Sleepy Sunday: Drones and classical spirits unite

Sunday again? How time flies. Time for a new dive into the perfectly tempered waters of ambient!

Viktor Benev – When trees cry

I find the soundscape very interestring in this one. It’s simple, not that many layers, but it’s effective. And especially the drone-like sound in the background fills the canvas with a very special, futuristic ambience that I for one easily falls for.

The rest of the track is build by segments of various instruments overlapping each other in a careful, calm, quiet way. To be honest I think the bell-like lead instrument could be toned a bit down – maybe faded all the way back into the background. It’s a bit too sharp.

But that aside, this is a really great piece of ambient.

Christof R Davis – Reflections

Christof R Davis is a fresh composer from the UK who creates both film/television music alongside more commercial work.
And his track is much more backward looking, back to traditional classical music both in structure and instruments used. Piano is the lead, supported by processed accoustic recordings of live strings and woodwind.

The result is, as you can hear, quite charismatic and unique. And above all: Very, very ambient.

Have a sleepy Sunday!

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “Ambient Universe”, where only the best selection of ambient are found, hand picked by yours truly. If you have any kind of interest in ambient music, this list deserves to be added to your library!

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