Summer chill: Come count waves with us!

Finally the summer has reached also us here up in northern Europe! Yay! So it’s time to pull out a really light, bright, and just plain beautifully chilled track:

Waywell & Charlotte Newman – Wave 9

It has a quite long introduction, but I would not have it any other way. When you got something this harmonic and beautiful then by all means: Take your time!

And it doesn’t get any worse once the beat starts rolling. Oh no. This track is sprinkled with elegance and gorgeous details. Great guitar play, wonderful voice, sweet light groove on the keys, it begs the question: Can chill-out really get any better than this?

The only thing I’ll hold against it is that with an intro that long the remaining duration of the track is way too short. They could have added at least two more minutes. At least!

I receive a lot of calm tracks over the course of a month. But this is what I want to hear more of. And if you happen to be an artist that think you can match this, please read this page on how to submit your track to our blog!

You find this track along with all our other selections of excellent electronica in our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections”: