Techno Friday: The darkest techno bunker awaits

Hot off the press! Out today: One gritty, dark, slamming bombardment of a track.

Rave Syndicate – Liquid Overdrive (G8 Remix)

It’s a dark, rumbling bastard, this one. But! It’s not just dark. Or only industrial.

It’s still groovy. It’s moving. There’s an element of organic life in the midst of the cold, hard concrete.

An acidic lead twirls and squeaks its way into our skull. Enter our minds. So insistent, so persistent, so dedicated that we only have to give in. Give in to the primal instincts awakened by this creature.

A creature of the gritty. With the techno bunker being their nest.

I want to be at the clubs where this track is played.

This track went straight into our techno playlist “The Techno Club” where only the best, most stomping techno music is added as we discover them.

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