Trance Tuesday? Seems so!

Trance? Really?

I feel that trance is one of those “love or hate” genres. And I suppose you can place me in the latter bag of the two. But I hate categorical shit like that. One can’t hate an entire genre! Especially not as large as this one.

So it is with quite some joy I can share with you a track that I’d call “progressive trance”, and thus face my own prejudice.

ZIINO – Metro, Boulot, Dodo

It’s obviously quite a crossover track, this. That’s probably why I picked it up. It’s also quite old-school. Reminds me of early 90s house tracks. Those on the trippy side of house.

But the trance is present, that’s for sure. And it’s fun for me to – finally – be able to share a track like this with you. About time.

Keep the summer nights rollin’!

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