Deep House Divin’: Two moments of solid grooves

We’re starting off harmonic and elegant, but that’s only a warm-up before we are taken to significantly darker grounds.
Oh yes – deep house is here again.

Schlindwein – Nocturne III

The utterly elegant melody could make us mistake this one for a chillout track – and indeed I’d love to hear a more chill remix of this one – however the deep, steady bass line establish a solid beat for the dance floor or workout sessions.

But man, this is smooth stuff. Feelgood material. Happy. Almost cheerful! And enjoy it while it last, cause we’re about to enter darker grounds now:

H.E.R.B.E.R – Lost Fairytale

We ramp up the intensity now. Still with a deep groove, but now taking quite a few steps towards tech house. It never throws cheese at us though, just relentlessly pumps the deep groove firmly up our … (ok, so I bailed here).

I’m slightly allergic to those EDM horns we hear lurking in the background, however in this track it is actually quite cool. Good use of a worn out horn.

And yes. Yes, I’d dance to this. Wouldn’t you?

H.E.R.B.E.R doesn’t seem to be on Spotify (yet?). But Nocturne III is added to our fantastic Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge”, where elegance and grooves takes front seat. That’s one list to follow!

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