Fresh from the Deep House underground!

Another day of deep house selections, this time I’ve paired two recently released tracks who share that same “feel”, or atmosphere. Two properly stylish club tracks from the underground.

Jesusdapnk – Le Motif En Moi

The track is elegantly dancing around a rock solid concrete monster of a bass line, offering a firm ground under the rather fragile construction of the rest of the track. This stuff is properly deep, and really well founded in the undergrowth layer of the electronica woods.

This is one for the real house clubs. I want an invitation.

Victor Montero – Rhythmic Relationship

The percussion work is excellent here. Smells like a Caribbean producer. And what do you know: It is! An original sounding, playful, groovy house track from the Dominical Republic. Awesome. I wonder if that’s a first here at Beatradar.

And we have that same dry, solid bass going here as we heard in the fist track. Dig it? It’s available as a free download on Soundcoud!

Two excellent tracks from the same region of the Deep House waters.

Rhythmic Relationship seem to only be available on Soundcloud, but we’ve added Le Motif En Moi to our excellent Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect all the classy, deep and smooth house tracks as we discover them. Join us in our discoveries, follow it today!

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