Friday Feelgood: Reach the heights!

For this Friday I chose a track a bit happier and lighter than usual. I dunno, maybe it’s the summer that does something to me. Or, it may simply be that this just is a good house track – not necessarily for peak hour but for warmup or outdoor poolside it’s pretty much perfect!

Yose – Reach this high (Mastercris Remix)

This track definitely has an old-school feel to it. From the arrangement of the snare to the vocals, the organ synths and the claps – this is classic house material.

Luckily it’s as long as it is, cause this is a track that you need to let run for a while. But once the groove gets under your skin, you’re there. It’s not until the bassy lead at the end enters the front of the scene that I totally gave in to it. So if I am to point at something, it’s that this groovy lead should come in much earlier.

But a nice house track it is, mild as summer breeze, kind towards your ear drums and happily groovy in a smooth yet snappy way.

I added this track to our “It’s HOUSE Music!” playlist, where it resides along several other really solid house tracks:

Go add it to your playlists too!