Friday Kickoff: A crossover celebration!

Disclaimer: Released on our label Beatradar

Today we celebrate our friend Mikael Johnson and his new EP, “Strange”. A release consisting of three tracks that’s all quite crossover, both towards acid house and progressive house. But with one foot still firmly in the techno camp. The result works!

Mikael Johnson – Strange

One thing about Mikaels work is that it’s so damn tight. Rock tight. The kick, the synths, the effects – tight like a virgin mother. And that sound is just so perfect for clubs, since the room will add reverb and the track will just cut through that.

He’s also got such a delicate eye for the more sublime grooves. His building blocks are placed so precise, they carefully falls into place like clockwork. He’s not rushing it, yet never taking too much time. Just perfect.

If you like this track you really should also check out the rest of the EP, where he steps out of the conform techno frames and dips his toe both into the progressive house and acid house genres.

The result? A true banger of a EP with tracks that fits peak hour in DJ sets across several camps.

This track is obviously added to our Spotify playlist “The Techno Club”, where we collect only the finest techno tracks as we discover them!

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