Movin’ Monday: Two classic house music beats

I’ve got two really timeless sounding house tracks with a classic groove for you today. Two schoolbook examples of the kind. House DJs beware, these two are for you!

Sondrio – Crisis

An ultra-classic deep house groove. Elegantly arranged, well produced, not over-produced. A nice progression throughout the track, without ever losing it. This is a perfect track for warm-up set, or at floors with a more chill profile. A VIP lounge perhaps?

I just get so HAPPY when I hear music like this. So many memories comes back to me – or to be more precise: So many atmospheres. Those abstract feelings you are filled with when you’re in a really good club with the right crowd and a DJ that knows what he’s doing. That’s the feeling that’s revisiting me when I got this one running in my headset.

But if you need something more pumping, I’ve got you covered:

Andy Faisca – Don’t You Help

Again an ultra-classic sounding house production, but this time of the more clubby kind. Really timeless. Who can tell if this is produced yesterday – or 15 years ago? It just delivers, from the very first piano chord.

If you are a house DJ I really don’t see any reason to leave any of the above behind. These two will groove your crowd for many years to come.

I’ve added these two tracks to each their lists: Crisis are added to our “The Deep Lounge” playlist:

While Don’t You Help is added to our “It’s House Music!”:

Both lists are worthy of your attention – and your library!