Silent Saturday: Two moments of low gear livin’

I’ve discovered so many great, calm tracks lately so it warrants a whole weekend dedicated for the calm and silent: Silent Weekend!
For today I have picked two tracks that is slightly leaning towards chillout, one more than the other, and both are really very good. Enjoy.

Patiotic – Hopeless Land

A piano based track that really has a lot going for it. Lovely, calm atmosphere – but also quite original.
And that latter part is crucial for me. I mean – if there’s one thing this world don’t really need one more of, it’s yet another a quiet piano piece, right?

Unless… It brings something a bit unique to the table. As is done here. And we dig it.

Regular readers of Beatradar may recall the name Patiotic. He did a fantastic track with Sophia Garvey a while ago, “Doesn’t Matter“.
A track that I’ve still not grown tired of.

HaTom – Naya

My second track this Saturday is also a very harmonic and calm composition. Lovely chill-out vibes. A guitar is one of the cornerstones of this track, and the instrument that seduced me on my first listen.

I don’t have much info about HaTom at hand, but as far as I understand he’s a rather new producer and as such it’s impressive to hear that he seems to already have found his own unique sound.

Of course, it really helps getting there when you are focused on “keeping my own vibe without samples“, to quote him. And in this case it’s every good reason to do so: The result is well arranged, well produced, and with a unique flair.
Keep up the good work, buddy!

HaTom is not on Spotify yet, but Patiotic is added to two of our playlists: The totally new and utterly calm “All Chilled Out” playlist, as well as our ambient playlist “The Ambient Universe”. I suspect that the track is a bit too energetic for the latter list, but I’ll try it out the coming days! On the chillout list it will however reside for a very long time.
Follow it today for a trustworthy source of calm electronica.

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