Silent Sunday: When light meets dark

Two very contrasting ambient pieces for this Sunday:

Applefish – Earthrise

Applefish is the electronica project of UK based musician Nik Davies.

And with this track I do a slightly more melodic pick than usual for our Silent Sundays.
When something is as melodic as this, I could have wished for some more progress in the composition. So while I’m an advocate for long, loooong ambient tracks, in this case I believe the duration is just about right.

What I particularly like here is the elongated, reversed effect coupled with the lead. It smears out the notes in a very elegant way.

And a beautiful piece it is, there’s no denying that! A light, peaceful track. It will blend well into an ambient playlist of a calm and comfortable nature.

Oz Harte – Somnium

Now to something quite different. Talk about contrasts!
Chaos reigns here, unsettling drones rolling, the whole stereo field filled with intriguing details.

And “intriguing”, that’s the word that best describes this piece for me. Experimental? Oh indeed. Not many traces of a melody line here. A sketch of a rather dark, industrial scene is what I perceive.
This track will not blend as well into the calm, comfortable playlist mentioned above. 🙂

Oz Harte is a composer, songwriter/lyricist, music video creator and record producer as well as a published author. So indeed a creative soul.
As we so obviously can hear.

Both of these tracks are to be found in our Spotify playlist “Beatradar Selections“, where we collect all the tracks as we pick them. So, a veritable smorgasbord of a wide range of electronica with one thing in common:
They are good at what they do!