Sleepy Sunday: Three prime specimens of ambient

Three tracks with a lot in common. And they all represent what I would describe as my absolute favourite direction of ambient.

edad del pavo – centric

Like waves against the shore, this track drifts, rolls, and draws a landscape so abstract that you can shape it into anywhere or anything at all.

This is a track that takes you away.

Justin Robinson – Adrift

We know Justin from before, back then with the excellent “Eden Generator“. Here he’s back with – in my opinion – even more clean cut ambient.

Hollow layers establish a mental state. With shifts along the way that makes the track always move, sometimes surprisingly, but never abrupt.


Evitceles – Secret Path

I round off this session with the most quiet of the three, and also the most melodic. A bell synth walks carefully across a harmonic, colourful landscape, leaving a trail of shimmer and hope behind it.

Three fantastic tracks for this Silent Sunday.

Unfortunately we don’t find Secret Path on Spotify, but the two others are added to our fantastic ambient playlist, “Ambient Universe”, where they reside with the other gorgeous ambient tracks we’ve uncovered during our Silent Sundays.

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