Synthwave Saturday: A Sunset Serenade

The synthwave track for this Saturday is of a bright yet melancholic nature. It’s almost as if we can see the credits roll at the end of a romantic movie while listening.

Chada – Better Days

A beautiful track and indeed a gorgeous voice. And sometimes when I hear synthwave my mind drifts off to soundtracks, for some reason. As I do here, this track could totally have the cinemas during the final scene, as the couple finally got each other and can drift into the sunset. In a convertible. With sunglasses on. Always sunglasses. And big hair.

If I am to put my finger on something, I find the long and bright reverb on the vocals a bit distracting. It sounds very digital and kicks me out of the illusion of being an eighties production.

But the melody here, as well as the arrangement, well that is totally spot on. Totally.

This track is added to our ever increasingly awesome synthwave playlist “More EIGHTIES than the 80s itself”, where we collect only the finest synthwave as we discover them. Actively curated and well worth following!