Techno Tuesday: About bloody time, I’d say!

It’s been a while since we fronted a real slamming techno track here on Beatradar. Far too long.
Today we right the wrong.

Mark Greene – Collective Consciousness

A classic, rumbling kick drum sets the techno score here, with the rest of the arrangement following up as best as it can. And the lead synth has a very distinct flavor of an oldschool rave lead theme, doesn’t it?

To be honest I believe the track could have well survived without that melodic theme, maybe even benefitted from it. But luckily it never turns totally cheese on us. Instead it takes us safe to the harbor.

A real banger of a techno track. And it’s been too long since I received a track of this calibre.
Calling out to techno producers out there: Hit me baby!

This track is obviously added to our “The Techno Club” playlist, where all our techno selections are added as we discover them. The result is a list brimmed with slamming techno for the most intense hours – being it at the gym, a party, or while gaming. Or wherever you need that extra push of energy. Add it to your library today!

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