Throwback Thursday: Legit trips to the fun era

Today I’ve got two fun tracks with prominent old-school vibes for you. One that takes us all the way back to the golden age of Art of Noise, and the other one transports us dead centre at the underground after-parties around the turn of the millennia.

Patrick Alexander’s Melody Zone – Fire Extinguisher

I mean, come on. If this doesn’t give you Art Of Noise vibes then you simply do not know who AoN is.

Patrick is a dude from Australia who’s currently living in Japan. And he says,
“You know how in the ’80s, when digital sampling was new and novel, people would go “Blurp!” into the microphone then play it melodically, up and down the keyboard, and it seemed like the coolest, funnest thing ever? Well, they were right. It’s still the coolest, funnest thing, and it always will be.”

Oh I totally remember, Patrick. My first keyboard was a Casio SK-1, the very first entry level keyboard with integrated sampler, and the first thing I did was exactly as described above.
And I agree! That’s why I love glitchy tracks so much, with their sliced samples and mad loops. Playing with sampling is fun. And this track is the embodiment of that.

BOT – Bring Me Back

You simply do not call yourself “bot” and expect to be visible in Google. So BOT is an Italian act… And that’s all I know.
(yo – labels out there – do include a bio with your promotions, will ya?! Come on)

But if this track doesn’t bring you straight back to around the turn of the century and hot, small underground clubs with far too large sound systems, well then you simply weren’t a clubber back then.
It pushes all the classic club music buttons: Predictable as can be, but that’s the point. Everyone can be a star on the dance floor when you know exactly what’s gonna happen next. You lower your guard and dance like a queen. And have a bloody good time.

As for me? Mentally I’m tumbling around in a basement club in downtown Oslo right now, slightly dazed after a three nigher nonstop partying but am convinced I still got a few more hours in me before I head home.
A wonderful era, those years. 🙂

Bring Me Back is added to our collection of club tracks that are found on our Spotify playlist “House For Clubbers”:

Fire Extinguisher was a bit harder to place in any of our lists, as typically is the case with tracks that operates a bit outside our scope. But you do find it on our “Beatradar Selections” playlist, where we collect all our discoveries. Have you got a suitable list for it? Add it to yours!