Deep Tech House? We got you covered

Here’s two techy and deep house tracks with a suitable true underground feel. Good stuff.

Maxim Lany feat. Jacky E Jones – People Of The Night

There’s something about putting spoken words performed in a monotonous way into house tracks that is so enthralling. It’s been done multiple times before of course, and often to great effect.

Some of my all time favourite club tracks are indeed built around this simple and effective formula. It’s not like it necessarily warrants a lot of repeated plays, but not all tracks needs to be like that.

This one here sets the mood.


Here’s another quite techy house track in much the same minimalist veins as the first. Cormac is from the USA and says about the track, “I made this track in order to fuse some of my favorite elements from bass-line oriented tech house, with some other motifs I love from dark and driving techno”.

A cool, deep and groovy track with that genuine underground feel.

Both of these tracks are added to our Spotify playlist, “It’s House music!”, where we collect house tracks of a quite wide nature, but with a common property of having a certain underground feel to them. We think the result is a mix of tracks that works well together.
Give it a spin! And if you agree with the above sentiment it would be totally awesome of you will give the list a follow. We think it deserves it.