Double Deep: From sunshine to smog

Time to go deep again. Although, I do start off rather light before I pull you down to the deep and gritty. Don’t worry, you’ll love it.

Jamian Ft. Sanna Hartfield – Dave

It’s more of a soul track than a deep house track, this one. But it’s a borderline case, and I think it would work in a deep house set especially thanks to the tempo and bass line. And it’s a bloody smooth track! Sure, the lyrics are complete nonsense (unless Dave is a reference to something that I failed to understand?) but that’s part of the charm here.

A groovy, playful little thing that should fit into plenty of uplifting playlists out there.

Skols – The Gimp

So after that sweet little stroll along the sunny, soul-rich main street of House we now take a sharp turn right and head down to the House harbour.

And it is one hypnotic trip that awaits us there. It’s a darker, grittier, more minimal and definitely deeper production from Skols. We also take a good step towards more techy and progressive grounds. In many ways one could say this is my home turf.

I wanna hang in the joint that plays this stuff.

Both tracks are added to our Spotify playlist “The Deep Lounge“, where we collect only the finest new discoveries from the stretch between lounge and deep house, with a random detour near deep techno. Always groovy, always good.

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